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Qualification: Franklin Institute of Agri-technology (FIAT) offers the following qualifications:




The one-year qualification is suitable for on-shore international students who have completed their study in New Zealand and want to change their career path. The two-year qualification is suitable for new international students. Both qualifications are suitable for domestic students. These programmes are approved by and accredited to NZQA (New Zealand Qualification Authority) and are delivered in commercial production environment. For course structure and details please download Prospectus.

For getting information about each study option, please go to the Qualifications.

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One of our domestic student was selected for Prime Minister’s scholarship to visit India to study cooperation on ‘Indigenous health and Entrepreneurship’ in December 2019 and for developing understanding of relevance between Health system of India- Ayurveda and Nz- Rangoa Maori.

Our graduates are employed gainfully  with suitable work visas in horticulture sector. Job placement 100% success rate.

We are the leader in horticulture training.

The Franklin Institute of Agri-Technology (Franklin Agritech) is located south of Auckland & Tauranga on the fringes of major vegetable growing area of New Zealand. This NZQA-registered Private Training Establishment (PTE) is housed on a 24 acres agricultural production site and operates as part and parcel of the Rupex Group of companies.

Our Vision

Our broad vision is to provide relevant academic and practical training in the area of horticultural production to fulfil the needs of the horticultural industry.

Our Mission

Our aim is to teach students in such a manner that they are ready to take positions in the industry with minimal on-job training as operational personnel.

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New Zealand truly is one of the most picturesque and photogenic places on earth. A small island nation of just over 4.5 million people, is ranked very high in safety & security, honesty, and other socio-political values. Horticulture ( Crop production) is one of the highly regarded and rewarding professions in the country. If you have knack for practical work, this line is for you to choose and build your bright career in this line.

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Know what our Students says about our Training Courses!

Studying at Franklin Institute has completely transformed my life. It’s hard not to be amazed every day you’re in fields getting your hands dirty, planting new plants, and learning how to take care of the older ones. It’s an amazing field.” The program not only helped me secure a good job in the industry but also assisted me in getting three years of open work visa for myself and my family. My partner too is able to work and is gaining relevant experience in New Zealand, in his field of work.

(Monika Sharma L4 Graduated May 2017)+

The time that I spent at Franklin Institute of Agri technology, FIAT, was wonderful. I found the faculty very knowledgeable and co-operative. It has been a great way to study because it has allowed me to work in the industry and study at the same time. Their way of teaching involves practical’s, on-the-job training and exposure about new propagation technique(s) which are outstanding way of getting the students future- ready. This course helped me find work at Rainbow Park Nurseries from where I also got a three-year work Visa.

(Gurtej Takhar L4 Graduated May 2017)

I found the course interesting, challenging and at the same time very rewarding. I learnt a lot by following the academic program at Franklin Institute, prior to which I was a worker performing jobs involving labor.  This program makes me feel like a skilled professional as develops a perspective in me for both personal and professional development The classes and instructors promote comradely among students sharing a common passion. The field trips bring new experiences and learning opportunities.

(Shubhi Parmar L4 A graduated Feb 2018).

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