Fee Protection

FIAT ensures that your fees are protected while you study with us, if FIAT is unable to continue offering your course for any reason. When you pay fees to FIAT, your fees go directly into a Public Trust account in your name. We prefer you to pay fees directly to the Public Trust if possible. Public Trust pays FIAT regularly during your course, and the balance is kept safely in the Trust account.

FIAT will give you a Public Trust “Fee Protect” application form for you to complete. You must sign and initial your Public Trust document before any tuition fee is paid to FIAT. Normally we will get you to complete this within seven days of starting the course. Your enrolment may be postponed or declined if your Study Link or Public Trust documents are not completed within four weeks

If you want more information contact Public Trust direct on 0800 494 733 or visit www.publictrust.co.nz