RAJ SAINI: M.Sc. Botany (Patiala: 1973) and Ph.D.  in Crop Sciences (Punjab Agricultural Uni 1976) has extensive experience in crop production, technology transfer and designing/delivering training programmes at various levels. Download – CV – Raj Saini

In addition, we have several qualified staff to draw upon, as and when needed:

RAVI SAINI: MBA (Auckland University) and Dip in Horticulture (MIT Manukau) have more than 10-year practical experience of greenhouse production in NZ. Download – CV – Ravi saini

GAGANDEEP JAIN: M.Sc. in Botany (India) and Ph.D. in plant Sciences (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand) has both practical and academic knowledge of growing crops under greenhouse and outdoor conditions.

JASMEET GIRGLA:  M. Com (Delhi) and Dip in Horticulture (MIT, Manukau), has good knowledge of crop growing techniques and weed management.

JATINDER SAINI: B.Sc. in biology (India) and more than 20 years in NZ she has been involved in vegetable seedling production and greenhouse management.