RUPEX GROUP (Rupex Growtech Ltd, Franklin Institute of Agri-Technology, and its Directors) among themselves hold various professional accreditations and memberships, including:


  • NZQA in 2016 gave accreditation to FIAT to deliver and assess teaching/training programme in Horticulture production to the level of National Certificate in Horticulture level 4 Advanced.
  • NZQA in Noveber 2016 conducted EER and gave FIAT category 3. Full report is available on . As requested by FIAT, NZQA has agreed to coduct next EER earlier than scheduled in Jan 2018.
  • NZQA in July 2017 gave FIAT accreditation to offer ‘NZ Certificate in Horticulture Production L 4’ and ‘NZ Diploma in Horticulture Production L 5’ which we plan to start offering from early 2018.
  • Accreditation from Primary ITO We are accredited for training and assessing in-job staff to the level of National Certificate in Horticulture L4 Advanced
  • Associate member of the HortNZ which is a National industry and represents 5,500 commercial fruit and vegetable growers, providing strategic direction and focus, building strong relationships with product groups and associations and working at both a national and regional level. (
  • NZ GAP (Good Agricultural Practices): We are GAP  accredited for the last ten years to ensure maintain high standards in practices and operations at workplace. NZ GAP is a quality assurance programme that provides a traceable, accountable system from crop to customer for production of horticultural crops. It ensures that best practices are in place for the production, packaging and distribution of New Zealand fresh produce, and reduces the risk of health, safety and environmental issues – so customers can buy with confidence.
  • ‘Growsafe and approved hander’ certificate holder which covers knowledge and practices required for safe, responsible and effective use of agrichemicals, based on the Industry Standard,
  • Export certification for export of Cymbidium cut flowers to USA
  • Signatory to code of practice for international students


  • Professional Member Royal Society of New Zealand
  • Member International Horticultural Society

  • Member NZ Institute of Agriculture and Horticulture Sciences

  • Member International Plant Propagation Society

  • Member Auckland Chambers of Commerce

  • Member India NZ Business council

  • Member NZ China Association

Horticulture Industry Experience

Rupex Growtech Ltd is a locally owned and operated horticulture production and supply company. Established in 1998 and based in Pukekohe, a major vegetable producing area of New Zealand, Rupex has emerged as a leading supplier of vegetable planting material to the commercial growers in the Auckland region. Currently, our company’s main areas of activity are,

Vegetable planting material

  • Crop planning: Preparing ‘sow-transplant-harvest’ schedule for year-round continuous production to cater to the supply chain commitments of the commercial growers.
  • Procuring high quality seed for locally adapted and high performing/stable varieties.
  • Producing and supplying plug plants to commercial growers on a contractual basis
  • Collecting field and market feedback and integrating it into future crop planning.
  • Adaptive research to identify suitable varieties for the evolving production and market requirements.

For the last 15 years we have been successfully servicing the greens supply chain with high quality and timely delivered plug plants for outdoor and glass house crops.

Cut Flowers

In 2008, we set up a Cymbidium orchid production unit for cut flower production. Since, the Cymbidium unit has been producing and supplying high quality orchids for competitive export markets like the USA, Japan, and Middle East etc.

In service Training

Under the aegis of then NZITO (now Primary ITO), we train and assess staff members, for unit standards leading to the National Certificate in Horticulture Level 4 (advance).

Technology Transfer

‘The Grower‘ magazine, an official HortNZ publication has been publishing our work/experience on various aspects of crop production which mainly focuses on the use of right varieties, disease-pest management and greenhouses production etc.