FIAT has close ties with the horticultural industry. Also being located physically in the main horticultural area, the students have high opportunity to work part time in the fields and in other local industry properties, gaining hand-on and practical experience.

During the programme, students will regularly undertake projects which include time spent in the Rupex Growtech Ltd site.  Fieldtrips and projects will also be arranged from time to time visit and undertake projects on other horticultural sites.

Part-time employment

All students are encouraged to undertake part-time employment in the industry during the programme to consolidate and broaden the knowledge and skills introduced in the programme.

International students enrolled in the two-year programme are eligible to undertake paid employment for up to 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during annual holidays.  Once they have graduated from the programme, international students will be eligible to apply for a one year Post Study Work Visa (Open) which will give them the chance to gain further experience in the industry.  During this time if the graduates are successful in gaining a job offer in the industry, they will be eligible to have their visa changed to Essential Skills Visa.