FIAT is located at 760, Glenbrook Road in Franklin District. The entry to property is directly from Glenbrook road close to the newly created round about for slowing down the traffic. The production facilities constitute of 7000 Square meters of greenhouses, adequate farm and support buildings housed on a piece of 24 acres of prime agricultural land. These facilities are primarily used for horticultural purposes of vegetable seed/seedling and orchid cut flower production & supply. The following physical facilities will be available to students for training purpose:

Office, Classroom and Common Room Building

These facilities consist of an office, classroom and common room. These rooms are used exclusively for teaching/training for students. The office will be used jointly by FIAT and Rupex.

Production Facility

The property has three greenhouses of (GH I) 4000 Square Meter, (GH II) 2000 Square and (GH III ) 1000 Square Meter size and an open space of more than 5000 Square for outdoor growing. The two smaller greenhouses are fully heated: GH II with hot air circulation and GH III with hot water circulation. The GH I is used for growing vegetable seedlings for outdoor crops, GH II for cymbidium cut flower production and GH III for growing summer and hothouse crop seedling.

Irrigation And Feeding Systems

  • We have two sources of water supply: a commercial water bore (60 Cubic/day drawing rights) and a fully lined water reservoir of 1000 Cubic Meter capacity.
  • We use different irrigation systems: hand showers, ground sprinklers, overhead irrigation, drip irrigation, ebb & flow system depending on different crop requirements.
  • Different dosing systems are Dosatrone, Solution A & B with peridosing pumps, and Electric injectors etc.