Franklin institute of agri-technology (fiat) offers the following qualifications:

Nz/national certificate in horticulture level 4 ( one-year)

Nz diploma in horticulture level 5 (one-year and two-year format):

The one-year qualifications are suitable for  on-shore international students who want to change their career path. The two-year qualification is suitable for new international students. All these qualifications are suitable for domestic students.

These programmes are fully approved by and accredited to nzqa (new zealand qualification authority) and are delivered by well qualified and experienced teachers.


The study programme is split in to four modules, each module running over a quarter of 20 weeks. Adequate breaks are allowed for students and teachers to complete any pending work and prepare for the following semester. The teaching curriculum starts with developing basic understanding of the growing systems and gradually move to the practical aspects and complex issues as students progress to the higher stages.

Course Content

  • Orientation day to introduce NZ way of life and workplace ethics and practices etc.
  • Basic knowledge about plants structures, processes and planting materials
  • Growing substrates: soils, potting mixes, rock wool, hydroponics etc.
  • Basics of plant growing and plant care
  • Introduction to plant propagation techniques using Seeds ( Varieties and Hybrids) and vegetative plant parts
  • Plant nutrition and its application in balanced dosages throgh appropriate methods
  • Irrigation systems, their relevance and water application to optimise crop growth
  • Growing environment management: Light, water, temperature, humidity, air ( Oxygen, CO2), and climatic variations
  • Introduction to common plant pests ( Disease, Insects, Weeds, etc)
  • Agrichemicals, their handling and application with adequate health and safety aspects ( Growsafe certificate optional/outsourced)
  • Overall plant protection to manages disease, insects and other pests below threshhold levels
  • Produce seedlings for a range of crops using seed (Vegatable, flowers, herbs), vegetative planting materials ( Bulbs, Tubers, Rhizomes etc.) and propagation techniques (cuttings, budding, grafting ) over different seasons in the year, and grade, pack and despatch produce and collect feed back
  • Crop monitoring and optimisation through management of environmental factors, observing and keeping record of crop growth parameters,
  • Suvervision and leadership development to lead and support team and pass/write clear and concise work instruction to team members.
  • Enterprise report summarising all information gained on location, environment, physical, infrastructure, operations, technical aspects, and  making recomendations

Post-study Pathways

Further Study

The students can progress from National/NZ Certificate to Diploma L 5, and then to  higher studies like Level L6 or 7 diplomas or degree courses. .

Job Opportunities

The qualification holders will be eligible for jobs in the fields of Vegetable production (Greenhouse and open-field), nursery production and plant propagation, cut flower production, organics, nursery retailing and Garden centres, parks and reserves, conservation and green keeping, indoor plant hire, landscape maintenance, re-vegetation and council work.