Application And Enrollment Process For International Students

If you are interested in enrolling with FIAT, you should first contact either one of FIAT’s agents or directly contact the Administrator at FIAT.

FIAT (or our agent) will send you more information including a course information pack, links to more information on our website, response/s to any specific questions, a FIAT Application Form and a list of necessary Supporting Documents.

To continue with your enrolment you will need to send to FIAT (either directly or through our agent) the completed FIAT Application Form along with verified copies of supporting documents.

All applicants will be sent an Acknowledgement Email within two working days from the date of receipt of the application. This will include a Student ID number and a checklist of any outstanding documents

Once all supporting documents are received, the application will be assessed. All successful applicants will be sent an Offer of Place, or a Conditional Offer of Place. Any unsuccessful applicants will be notified of the outcome with reasons listed.

If you receive an Offer of Place and accept the offer, you will then be required to pay the fee as notified in the offer letter.

If you have a few requirements outstanding, you will be issued a Conditional Offer of Place. If you receive a conditional offer of place, then you will need to meet all of the conditions before an unconditional offer is sent.

As soon as the fee is paid, the receipt will be sent to the candidate to enable you to apply for a student visa.