FIAT Vision

Our broad vision is to provide relevant academic and practical training in the area of horticultural production to fulfil the needs of the horticultural industry.

FIAT Mission

Our aim is to teach students in such a manner that they are ready to take positions in the industry with minimal on-job training as operational personnel.


I am proud to introduce the Franklin Institute of Agri-Technology (FIAT) which has been set up in the main vegetable growing area of south Auckland in New Zealand.  It is located at a drivable distance from the central city, airport and other major facilities making accessibility to all amenities very easy. The regional centre is based in outskirts of Tauranga , the main Kiwifruit production area of New Zealand.

From the various studies conducted in the country and our personal experience in the industry for about 20 years, we have observed that there is an acute shortage of skilled workforce in the horticultural industry which is projected to become very serious in the future. The availability of well-trained staff has been identified as an important enabler for future expansion of the horticultural sector.  Keeping in view this situation, FIAT has started training programs in horticulture production leading to the ‘New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture Level 4 and the ‘New Zealand Diploma in Horticulture Production Level 5’. Our programmes are approved and accredited by NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority), approved by the Tertiary Education Commission for funding domestic students and listed by Immigration New Zealand for the issuing of visas for international students. Horticulture Production is listed by Immigration New Zealand as being in the short skills category for all regions of the country. The programmes are delivered on production sites with ample greenhouses, farm and support buildings housed on acres of prime agricultural land in Auckland and an additional 5 – 6 acres of land in Tauranga.

Our broad vision is to provide relevant academic and practical training in the area of modern horticultural practices. This will address the needs of field production on the one hand and address the sensitivities of quality, safety and traceability throughout the ‘Greens supply chain’ on the other hand.  With the scientific knowledge and modern skills acquired through these programmes, students have been able to take up positions in different aspects and levels of horticultural industry and service the supply chain effectively.

FIAT operates as part of the Rupex group- which has been operating successfully in horticulture production for more than 20 years. We look forward to you joining our group and sharing with us your struggles and successes.  As a member of our Institute, we will endeavour to provide you our complete support to help you achieve your goals of successful learning and preparation for a strong, prosperous and satisfying career in the horticulture industry.  As a group we will be happy to provide you the necessary guidance for adapting to the life and building your bright future in New Zealand.

Raj Saini

PhD. (Crop Sciences)

M.R.S.N.Z (Member Royal Society of New Zealand)

CEO/Director, FIAT / Rupex 

College Video

Our Objectives

  • To provide complete and utter support to help students achieve their goals of successful learning.
  • To prepare for a strong and prosperous and satisfying career in the horticulture industry.