Professional Training

Professional Training


FIAT also offers much specialised training packages in specific areas of Greenhouse crop production. These packages run for periods of up to 12 weeks and focus on actually learning and doing the job. At the end of the training, the trainee should be able to handle the project fairly independently, especially from technological angles. These training packages are meant for people who have studied horticulture to an adequate level and are working in the relevant field. The training packages currently available are:

Vegetable seedling nursery training(supply chain ready):

Comprehensive vegetable seedling production which includes crop scheduling, variety selection, growing seed in plastic cell trays, using precision seeding machines, aftercare of growing seedlings, parameters to get these right and ready on time, disease pest management etc. The emphasis is on three things: Quality, Timeliness and traceability, the three factors essential to service the supply chain

Cymbidium orchids for cut flowers (Export ready):

intensive training programme which includes establishing cymbidium crops in greenhouses, using drip irrigation system and feeding regime, disease pest management, environment regulation, flower tying up, and picking, grading and packaging for export. Also the trainee will be made aware about the crop climatic requirements and sensitivities which are very important for this crop.

Please contact us directly for more details on these training packages.